Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Only the brave

The first time the Fantamondiale Club is a success! At least if we talk about the first semi-final, played openly by both teams, and won by Blackburn through a supercentrocampo and all three men: Armero. Hamsik, Zarate. Army Rosta no demerits, but perhaps enters the field with little malice racing. That was the great absence in the second semi-final, played between several yawns, but not for the time. Marquet and Zidanes have not fulfilled their commitment to duty and the crest of the challenge, dedicating themselves to take no more than to score. If you then add the yellow and blue took to the field in training altered, this explains everything. Pass the turn of the men Marquet, because at least we have tried more.
But to win in the final against Blackburn, who just sees a cup is exalted (even the sausage is fine) will serve another race!
ARM BLA 2-1 (Hamsik, Zarate - Juan)
Tues 0-0 Zyp

Derby youth
A young as naive as concrete Fantalotito wins for the second time in a row (and also 2 - 0), the derby Tamino. And if Nene is expected, given the great sweep, has remained in the stands, we understand the word "naive . Such an approach victory more and more orange to the peak (now at -2), reaching Paulaner and showing strength and continuity. Nexus has a little something to complain to himself, because the defeat came after 5 races and profits ... especially against his brother! Among other things than give joke, since the brothers Lucarelli scored the lowest in a ...
NEX 0-2 ASK (Pinilla, Lucarelli)

Draw luck
For a little (like 0.5 points ... that is a pole instead of a goal ...) Globetrotter has not suffered the first defeat after four results Useful consecutive defeat that probably would mean overtaking in the standings by just Paulaner's, the serial terrible that are unbeaten in 10 races, and that was always to score in their last four. Neroarancio great regret, big sighs of relief verdiblu. PAU
GLO 1-1 (Ibra - Miccoli)

Who can stop them?
Seven goals in two games, 10 points in four games. Roadmap enviable for New Holland, rising in the last few games in the standings back to fourth overall. Responsible for Robinho and Krasic, true to the sound of driving goals, but also superdifesa , that in spite of the 19 goals conceded always gets good grades! Blackburn was probably more focused and on the World Championship, but probably not today, there would be no tripe for cats!
3-1 BLA HOL (Chiellini, Juan, Krasic - Armero)

cushions for all
has not been a good race held today at the Peach Park. Two teams in crisis and governed by fear of losing could only goalless draw on the assets. Actually the Viola have approached several times to the network, but this time the defense has kept watch red and white, which can not be said of the attack of Mr. Baggio, dry for the second consecutive match. The President Fantabramovic in words confirmation the coach despite the team does not win by as many as 8 days! The Viola have not won for six days, and now I'm in the middle of the relegation zone.

win half a minute from the end of the match alive with a tiraccio to the pastor is priceless. For everything else there Allupathos now assestatosi last place in the standings and a distant relative of the two-headed specimens. Again would not have deserved the defeat, it must be said ... but another thing to say "he deserved the victory" is a big difference. And so the three points were won by Mazzano that immediately after the shooting Scoppola against New Holland, keeping the area-Pentacup.
ALL 0-1 MAZ (Candreva)

negative and obtained today by Zidanes, playing in a game with only 7 men and with the arrogance to win! This game is easy, therefore, CAI, because the 1-0 is close to the people of Calatrava. I confirm that the trend Gialloblu swinging of this second round, while the red resume the interrupted conversation with the victory last week from Blackburn. And remain in the area Pentacup of the league.
Zyp IND 1-0 (Di Natale)
Six Nations Special

continues unstoppable march of Virle, which takes the third win in as many races and now has half a foot in the final! A wheel follows Countryside, disruptive away win against the canal, in what appeared to be the decisive battle just to finish second behind a Virle. The other three are surfing the bottom of the standings at 2 points, now with little hope of qualifying. The important thing is showing that attachment and commitment to the end!

Sunday last day before Christmas break, and the second day of the quarter-Pentacup.


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